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Keurig B30 Mini Brewers

Designed for compact kitchens, the Keurig B30 Mini Brewer features a stylish, space-saving footprint that turns out the delicious, high quality coffee you expect from a K-Cup product. Keurig brewers are always good looking, and the B30 Mini is certainly no exception - except this time the petite 11-1/2 x 10 x 13-1/4 inches form factor means you can have a Keurig in the much smaller spaces than the more sizable models. What are the pros and cons that Keurig have traded off to accomodate the small size? Lets take a look.

The biggest difference from the larger sized Keurig models is that the B30 Mini only makes one cup size, at 8 ounces. The Keurig B30 keeps its size down by only holding enough water in its reservoir for one cup, meaning you need to fill it for each coffee you brew. Compared to the larger machines like the B70, the B30 Mini has a longer brewing time - around 2 minutes. If you are a household of more than one person and require multiple cups of coffee to be brewed seconds apart, then this machine may not be for you. Still, 2 minutes isn't bad, and is much faster than a trip down the road to grab a coffee from the coffee house!

Smaller does not mean lesser when it comes to the taste of each coffee brewed; B30 Mini cups are just as good as those whipped up by the larger K-Cup brewers. In some cases the smaller water volume means darker roasts have a bit more punch. There is no question that the B30 makes coffee just as well as my full-sized machine.

The much smaller size of the Keurig B30 makes it great to use as a personal brewer in the office. If your office coffee is anything like the Jo at our workplace, its rubbish. The Mini fits nicely on even the smallest of desks; its small size is also great for RVs, studio apartments, college dorms, etc.

Like all Keurig coffee brewers, the B30 Mini delivers a coffee that comes out fast, hot, and tasty.

A new B30 Mini Brewer should have its first two brewing cycles run with 2 tablespoons of vinegar mixed in 8 ozs. of water, then run plain water through for two cycles to clear out the vinegar. This ensures that there is no 'plastic' odor from the new unit.

In all, the Keurig B30 is an excellent piece of kitchen hardware - its small size is great and the coffee is always up to Keurig's high standards. If you are need many cups brewed in under 2 minutes then this may not suit your needs, but otherwise it is an excellent single shot coffee maker.


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