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Coffee People Donut Shop Coffee K-Cups: Best in Dec 2009

A lot of the sales figures are back now for the 2009 Christmas holiday period, and there is one clear winner: Coffee People Donut Shop Coffee K-Cups.

At, two of the top three selling Grocery items at over the 2009 holiday period were the "Coffee People Donut Shop K-Cups for Keurig Brewers" and "Coffee People K-Cup Santa's Buzz for Keurig Brewers".

Meanwhile at, the Coffee People Donut Shop K-Cups were the top placed seller for December. These were followed by two Green Mountain blends: the Breakfast Blend K-Cup and the Nantucket Blend K-Cup.

The Coffee People Donut Shop K-Cup is consistently among the most popular K-Cups on the market today, which given its great taste comes as no surprise. This K-Cup is a very good medium-bold roast cup of coffee, not as dense and heavy as Extra Bold varieties of K-Cup. It has a rich and mild flavour profile rather than strong, and is reminiscent of a local donut shop brew (hence the k-cup's name). This K-Cup is simple, but it’s really, really good.

Amazon has a great deal on K-Cup coffee & tea from Coffee People, Diedrich, and Gloria Jean starting at $21 for pack of 50. Choose "subscribe and save", and apply coupon code KCUP93O6 to save an additional 10% making them from as low as $15.50 with free shipping. This brings the cost per cup as low as 36 cents. Thats a great price for a VERY popular K-Cup. You can cancel the subscription straight after placing the order.

Similarly the Keurig site has a Buy 2 Get 2 free deal at the moment, applicable to the 24 pack of K-Cups. Use the code WARRANTY before you checkout. This code requires you to register your brewer with first; the serial number is typically on the bottom of the machine or for the B60 and B70 can be found behind the drip tray.

These are both great chances to pick up the top selling Coffee People Donut Shop Coffee K-Cups and save!


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