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How To Make an Iced Coffee with your Keurig.

No more standing in line every morning for your $3 pick-me-up when the thermometer is reaching toward triple digits. An iced coffee may be just the thing to cool you down; using your Keurig you can make a tall glass of iced coffee significantly cheaper and significantly quicker.

For this you will need a dark roast coffee, eg an Espresso, French Roast or Sumatran blend. The only other thing you need is Ice, although of course sugar and milk are optional to your taste.

If you have a Platinum Brewing System, there is a setting on your machine for ice coffee, and you can just go ahead and brew the roast straight over a cup of ice. Press the left-most button when offered a choice of cup sizes - look for the iced-coffee icon above the button. For those of us without a Platinum, follow this recipe!

First, put your dark-roast coffee into your Keurig.

Second, pour ice into a 16-ounce cup until it is three-quarters filled. Add sugar if desired and place aside. 

Third, place a coffee cup in the machine and brew your coffee using the smallest brew size available. Don't fear that the brew will be too strong, some ice melting will help water it down.

Fourth, into the cup of coffee add milk if desired and stir until combined. Cream or half & half can also be used; adding these to the coffee cools it down a little and in turn prevents too much ice from melting. 

Finally, pour the coffee into the 16-ounce glass with ice. Stir until the coffee cools. Enjoy.


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