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Another Keurig Platinum Giveaway...

It seems every other blog (except ours!) has a Keurig Platinum brewing system to give away at the moment. But we love Keurig brewers, and we love competitions, so these giveaways are not bad things! And you can never have too many chances to win a free Keurig, right?

Angela over at MommyPR MommyPR states "Winner will receive the Keurig Platinum with 12 K-Cups." Just head over to the site, read her review (she loves the Keurig Platinum) and leave a comment.

If you like your competitions the same way as you like your coffee - simple - then these giveaways are well worth your time!

The Mommy PR Platinum giveaway closes Jan 4th 2010. Get in there while the going is good.


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