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Keurig Café Milk Frother

The great thing about single serve k-cup machines are the excellent coffee they brew up in no time flat. The downside is that Keurig machines don't do milk frothing for your espresso or cappuccino. The solution is to froth the milk yourself and add it to the top of your coffee; Keurig's answer to this comes in the form of the Keurig Café Milk Frother.

The Keurig Milk Frother has two levels marked on the inside of the milk reservoir. The lower level is 150ml, for froth, and the top 250ml mark is for hot milk. Simply fill the milk container to the desired level, put the container on the base, and push the start button. Its as easy as you would expect from any Keurig device - heating or frothing your milk is a one button process. Cleanup is also easy as the Keurig Frother has a non-stick coating.

Heating time takes under 90 seconds and provides wonderful fluffy clouds of whipped milk. It is important to use good skim milk, as the fat content is important when making froth. If you use a milk with a higher fat content you will only get whipped hot milk, as a higher fat content prevents frothing.

As the volume marks indicate, the Café Milk Frother makes either 150ml or 250 ml. This can be more than you need for a single cup, so if you are only brewing one cup at a time then you may have leftover milk. If, however, your machine makes more than one cup at a time then the frother can't be beaten. It also comes into its own when you have guests; 90 seconds to froth the milk while the 2 serves of K-Cup are being prepared makes it seem like you have a private Starbucks hidden in the pantry.

The price tag can be a little daunting. The Café Milk Frother currently retails for around the $90 mark, although deals are out there and can be found online and in department stores during seasonal and other sales. The beauty of this machine is that there is just no guess work involved in getting great milk froth, every time. Like their coffee machines, the Keurig really is as simple as adding the milk and pressing a button to get a consistently brilliant result.

Not only does the froth let you finally use your Keurig to brew up lattes and cappaccinos, but the magic of a dollop of froth also makes your coffee look far sexier. Use your Keurig to brew a cup of your favorite roast blend, add a scoop of milk froth and sprinkle with a light dusting of cinnamon. Or make a layered mocha - pour the froth on the bottom of the cup, add chocolate syrup and pour your coffee over that.

The Keurig Milk Frother does a fantastic job, and if you get some gift vouchers for Christmas, or find the machine on sale after the holiday, then it is definately worth purchasing. There is just no quicker, easier way to froth milk for your single serve coffee.


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