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How To Remove The Odor And Plastic Smell From Keurig Coffee Machines

It is a fairly common complaint amongst new Keurig coffee machine owners that their machines and coffee have a strong plastic taste. Typically this residual smell & taste is temporary and it is because the reservoir in the coffee maker is brand new; for some reason a lot of coffee makers (not only Keurig) are using a plastic or manufacturing process that can sometimes leave a heavy plastic odor on the machine. This can then be passed to your coffee.

The first cause to eliminate is water from the faucet. If the water tastes bad, any coffee made with it was just as bad. For most people this should not be the problem, but if it is try using a water filter to fix this problem, use bottled water to make your coffee, or boil the water in a jug before putting into your coffee machine.

A call to Keurig Customer Services will typically suggest running a cycle with around two tablespoons of white vinegar in the water tank. This is a good technique but we also suggest giving the reservoir a good cleaning with hot soapy water. Run the vinegar through the machine, then run 2 tank fulls of hot water to clear the vinegar.

If these steps dont work, get in touch with the Keurig customer services and get the water reservoir replaced. They are normally very good about this process, the Keurig customer service reps are generally very helpful.


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