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B30 Mini vs B40 Elite: Single Serve Comparison

As we have seen before, the B30 is an ideal way to make great single serves of K-Cup goodness without sacrificing much benchtop space. The Keurig B30's smaller form factor means its easier to carry on travels, be it in a college dorm, a boat or an RV. Brewing options are few and there is only one cup size, but the Mini B30 is the only Keurig to come in a range of colors - black, white or red - and its portability and small footprint gives it great versatility.

Weighing in at twelve pounds, the Keurig Elite Brewer B40 is designed to stay on your benchtop. The Keurig B40 is the entry-level K-Cup brewer and is slightly larger than the B30 but offers more options, such as the choice of an 8 oz or 10 oz cup of coffee. It also has a large water reservoir, so there is always hot water ready to go. By comparison, the B30 holds only enough water for one coffee at a time.

Ultimately the decision between the two should probably come down to use. For portability you really cant beat the B30, but the B40's larger water reservoir means you dont need to wait 3 minutes for the water to boil. Prices between these two models are very similar now, particularly if you shop around or purchase at sales. There is no difference in the resulting brews from these single serve machines: with the right K-Cup, the coffee will taste great from either machine.


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