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Gloria Jean’s Butter Toffee K-Cup Review

Gloria Jean’s Butter Toffee K-Cup uses "slow-roasted Arabica beans and provides a medium blend with a creamy taste and a caramel toffee accent". Does it achieve this? We bought some to put together this K-Cups review to find out.

If you like coffee with a smooth taste and not as much coffee 'bite', this is an excellent choice. The smell and flavor are delicious, particularly when this K-cup is brewing, and although it is quite a light roast, the smell and taste make this a very tasty beverage.

It smells delicious when it's brewing, and although the actual flavor when you drink it is more mild, it's simply perfect. It's got notes of caramel, nuts and vanilla, yet is not so overwhelming that you can't drink it as your every day coffee.

A great quote about this K-Cup from around the web says "Good stuff if you feel like drinking a Werther's Original candy instead of sucking on one!" and this is pretty much as accurate a statement as you will find. It's not too weak or strong, and the flavor is exactly what you would expect - smooth, rich and not too indulgent, like butter toffee candy. It certainly is not a bold cup nor is it going to make your eyes pop out from your head; it is more of a "happy" k-Cup than a "explosive" coffee.

Again, this is quite a light roast with a smooth and mild flavour, and if you want your coffee so thick you have to chew it, don't buy this. Because its not a strong brew, we recommend using the 8 oz. setting, rather than the larger sizes, for the best flavor (of course, you milage may vary!). However it has a fantastic aroma when brewing and a very pleasing mild smooth flavour. If this sounds appealing to you, it is a flavoured K-Cup that is worth trying.


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