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Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Colombian Fair-Trade Select K-Cup Review

Fair Trade is a third-party certification that guarantees peasant farmers will receive a "fair" or economically sustainable price for the farmers' coffees, plus a premium to benefit their community. In the coffee sector, only farmers who are members of a democratically run cooperative were eligible to apply for Fair Trade certification. There can be a challenge in producing excellent Fair Trade coffee simply due to inherent challenges of production by cooperatives; a handful of farmers who pick too much unripe fruit or who fail to cover their drying coffee when it rains can mess things up for the hundred other farmers who do things right.

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters is one of the country's leading specialty roasters, offering a particularly wide-ranging variety of origins and roast styles. The Green Mountain website describes this K-Cup as "Tastes like a late-summer Saturday morning. Our Fair Trade Colombian is a sunny, warming cup with aromas that recall Gramma’s homemade apricot jam." This isn't far from the truth, and it makes a very nice cup of coffee - somewhat citrusey and orange mixed with a caramel / milk chocolate aspect. Very tasty for a medium roast with a really nice caramel aroma, it is rich and very smooth. Keurig owners who like a balanced cup with elements of chocolate and citrus will enjoy this blend.


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