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Keurig B60 Coffee Maker Review

The Keurig B60 Special Single Cup Coffee Maker is a great machine, capable of brewing 3 different sizes of coffee: 5.25, 7.25, and 9.25 oz. The bottom of the cup holder is removable to fit even a 15 oz travel mug. The B60 is an express coffee machine, and will a cup of coffee in 40 seconds, and then be ready for the next cup of coffee in 20 seconds.

The wide range of different coffee means your guests will love choosing their favorite flavor. With over 200 different flavours, you should try several different K-Cups before settling on a favorite. Start with the most popular top sellers, check out reviews of other K-Cups, and expand out from there.

Its a great thing to have a fresh cup of coffee ready to go at the push of a button seconds. If you drink tea you can have it 3X faster than a microwave and 20X faster than a teapot.

Like all Keurig K-Cups, compared to coffee purchased from a coffee shop the price of each cup will be around 42c per cup. Using the Keurig B60, like all other Keurig coffee machines, couldn't be easier: simply insert a K-cup, close the lid and press a button.

The Keurigs have won a Good Design award, and with features like an LED light display and clean modern lines, it is easy to see why. Combined with the ease of clean-up, which is as simple as thoughtfully discarding the spent K-Cup, it is easy to see why they Keurig B60 is such a popular coffee maker.

The B60 retails for around $40 - $60 cheaper than the latest Keurig B70 coffee machine, and if you shop around (and watch for deals) you can pick up some good bargains.


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