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Timothy's White Hot Chocolate K-Cup

Making a delicious single serve hot chocolate seems to be very hit and miss depending on who you ask. Opinions are largely mixed about the taste of the different hot chocolate K-Cups, possibly even more so than the coffees! Some people love them while others just can't stand them.

One of the most popular selling hot chocolate K-Cups is Timothy's White Hot Chocolate K-Cups, and this single serve K-Cup is one of the most popular cold-weather K-Cups.

This K-Cup is unique in that it is white chocolate rather than a milk or dark drinking chocolate. This means it is produced from the cocoa butter rather than actual cocoa, which produces a creamier, sweeter taste than a milk or dark chocolate drink. And it certainly is sweet, and looks like hot whipped milk. The aroma is very much of a cocoa butter, and its not subtle. Everyone else in the room will know what you are drinking.

This is a great K-Cup to experiment with mixing into other drinks, as its sweetness brings interesting variety to a host of other K-Cups and beverages. Be sure to give it a quick stir as all the flavor can somtimes settle. Add a little espresso or coffee mixed half and half to give it a bit of bite and make a 'barista style' white mocha. Or try it with two parts Kahlua, or some Baileys Irish Cream. Other good recipes include mixing it with Gloria Jean's Sleigh Ride at half and half, or adding this brew to a instant hot cocoa.

If you are a big fan of white chocolate, you should definately give this K-Cup a chance. It is very sweet, although some people find it a little watery. As with all coffee, it is probably best to start with a smaller sample before committing to, say, a 48 pack.

Timothys have achieved a unique white chocolate K-Cup that makes a very sweet, creamy white hot chocolate. If you are in the market for a milk chocolate, you should definately give it a go.


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