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Differences Between Keurig and Manual Drip Makers.

In my opinion if you are new to coffee you won't go wrong with a Keurig; they are easy to use and have a great variety of coffees available, at a large number of retailers. But are they better than using a manual drip coffee maker? After all, you can pick up a drip coffee maker for as cheap as $10... Is the saving justified?

The greatest concern when using a manual drip brewer is the quality of the coffee that you start with. Will you use good quality beans that are freshly ground for each pot? Will you quickly (under 45 minutes?) drink all the coffee that you have brewed? If not, the end result that goes in your mug will suffer.

This is an area where single serve machines shine, offering great convenience and a greater selection of coffees, with much less cleaning afterwards.

Which Keurig coffee maker is right for you? That's a hard answer to give but these are my thoughts. The B30 mini is being replaced by the Mini Plus, which makes a good solution if you are short on space. The B70 is great for any kitchen with a touch more benchtop space, and its large water tank means brewing is lightning fast.

Ultimately, the difference between a Keurig and a manual drip coffee makers comes down to hard work. Can you make better coffee by other means? Certainly. If you have time, money, patience, and the know-how. Most people won't take the time at 6am - they want to pop in a K-cup, hit the button, and drink a great cup of really fresh coffee in a few seconds.


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