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Van Houtte's Chocolate Raspberry Truffle

The roaster describes this as "Rich coffee enhanced with chocolate and juicy raspberry flavors", and thats exactly what you get. This K-cup is dessert in a cup. The coffee smells fantastic while brewing, its aroma delivers what the label promises: chocolate and raspberry!

The first sip is chocolate and raspberry dancing across the stage set by a bright coffee. As it cools the chocolate and raspberry flavors continue to abound. VH's Truffle K-Cup is rich and strong with more of a raspberry balance than chocolate; a superb flavoured coffee, and is quite possibly one of the best dessert / after-dinner K-Cups on the market.

Green Mountain also make a raspberry K-Cup, "Raspberry Rhapsody". In contrast to Raspberry Rhapsody, Van Houtte’s Chocolate Raspberry Truffle is darker, richer, and perhaps a bit more sophisticated. It definitely doesn’t have the light summertime feel of the Green Mountain. Instead it feels more like a dessert espresso; the perfect complement to a rich chocolate dessert perhaps. The Green Mountain is also a seasonal brew, whereas Van Houttes offering is available year round.

It should go without saying that cream and sugar give Van Houtte’s Raspberry Chocolate Truffle a lighter, sweeter feel, so balance can be added if you are in the mood for something less robust.

This K-Cup brewed at the 7.25oz drop is smooth and velvety and just what chocolate and raspberry lovers should look for.


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