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Single Serve Coffee Machines: The Ideal Solution

The convenience of a single serve coffee maker is incredibly hard to beat. Gone are the days of grinding beans, measuring messy grounds and cleaning up before you leave for work - with the push of one button you get a hot cup of excellent coffee in under a minute. With one single K-Cup and in one short minute, you will have a delicious and perfectly brewed cup of coffee!

Just as a single-serve coffee machine, like a Keurig B70, can speed up your morning routine, so to can it make entertaining a breeze. A single serve machine is great for having guests over because the variety of K-Cups are endless. Now you can offer your friends a range of roasts, decaf, tea or hot chocolate without any more effort than simply inserting a new K-Cup and pressing start.

With a single serve coffee system, you don't need to go to the effort of making a pot of coffee to enjoy your favorite fresh brew. If you have ever poured wasted coffee down the sink, you will love the beauty and simplicity of the single serving system.

Just the savings alone on wasted coffee can make this a very cost-effective method; if used with the My K-Cup accessory and your own coffee grounds, a Keurig make each cup of joe very cheap. When you put the convenience of a hot cup of coffee delivered in less than a minute and with practically no clean-up, and combine it with the low cost of each cup of coffee, a single serve coffee machine is a kitchen appliance you will wonder how you got by without one!


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