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Keurig vs Tassimo: Which Coffee Machine Is Better?

Both Keurig and Tassimo make great coffee machines, and which one suits you best will probably come down to which of cost per cup vs ability to uses your own coffee grounds vs ability to make lattes and cappuccinos is most attractive to you.

The Tassimo features its water reservoir on the back of the unit so you may need to move it forward to add water each time depending on where you place it on the counter. The Keurig's water reserviour is located on the side of its unit, so access to fill it up is easier. The Tassimo unit does slide up and out, however, so its not all doom and gloom.

Speed-wise, the Tassimo is slower to complete its cup of coffee. The machine is also slightly louder (but both are much quieter than your average Starbucks!) Taste is a much more subjective thing, and there are certainly many happy customers of both coffee makers so clearly both are doing things right in the taste department. The Tassimo features T-Discs from Seattle's Best and Starbucks. Keurig has Coffee People and Gloria Jeans, as well as the versatile K-Cup coffee filter accessory which allows people to use their own ground coffee in a Keurig brewer. This can substantially lower the cost of every cup, and provides great flexibility of coffee variety.

The Tassimo has a few tricks of its own in the versatility department. It has the ability to mix creamer disks with your coffee T-disks, and in doing so can make some great lattes and cappuccino, all at the touch of a button. To make a latte in a Keurig, you need to add the milk seperately.

Another thing to consider is cost of the single servings. Keurig K-cups tend to be somewhat less expensive on average than the T-discs. K-cups can get really cheap if you order certain doubled up packages from Amazon (50 cups at a time). Your Tassimo latte/cappucino can run well over a dollar for the cup with the 2-3 discs you may be using to make it, but again, it has that versatility of making those things whereas the Keurig does not.

Both machines are very capable and make excellent cups of coffee very quickly. The Keurig is quieter, slightly quicker and allows you to use your own coffee grounds with the My K-Cup accessory. The Tassimo can mix up a latte or cappuccino via its creamer disks, and has the Starbucks brand of T-Disk exclusively.


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